An image of Dr. A. Sreekumar

Dr. A. Sreekumar

Founder Director, Soukhya Foundation


An image of Prof. Dr. Ushy Mohandas

Prof. Dr. Ushy Mohandas

CEO, Dr. Ushy’s Wisdom Works Founder, The Mind Workshop

Vice Chairman

An image of Dr. Lekha Nair

Dr. Lekha Nair

Director, Soukhya Foundation

Session Moderators

An image of Dr. Sudha Chepyala

Dr. Sudha Chepyala

Co- Founder & Medical Director - Eternesse Medical Center, India

An image of Dr. Leroy Rebello

Dr. Leroy Rebello

Founding Director, Eternesse Anti-Aging clinic, India

Organizing Committee

An image of Sarala Vijaykumar

Sarala Vijaykumar

Soukhya Foundation

An image of Hima Bindu

Hima Bindu

+91 95448 09992

An image of Mrs. Lacitha R C

Mrs. Lacitha R C

+91 99452 73799

An image of Mr. Jaikrishnan S

Mr. Jaikrishnan S

+91 95448 09991